Gerard Malanga at the Albright-Knox

[ARTIST’S TALK] In June 1963, the 20-year-old Gerard Malanga took what he has famously called “a summer job that lasted seven years” as an assistant to Andy Warhol. And who wouldn’t drop out of college to help an already iconic American artist navigate his most creative, prolific, and consequential period? Malanga—a poet, photographer, and filmmaker, among other artistic pursuits—acted in Warhol’s films, assisted in his silkscreen painting process, and choreographed the music of the Velvet Underground with Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable traveling mutimedia installation. As a poet, Malanga counts among his ardent fans the late Bob Creeley, who said of Malanga, “He has moved with deftness and great authority in the various worlds of art and pop, and never lost either his wits or his footing.” Malanga will give a talk at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery on Thursday, April 4, in conjunction with a screening of his short film, Gerard Malanga’s Film Notebooks, which includes rare footage of his working life in the headiest years of Warhol’s Factory, which Malnaga documented and archived assiduously. He will read selections from his new book, Cool & Other Poems. Bonus: You can also see Malanga the night before, on Wednesday, April 3, 5:30-7:30pm, at CEPA Gallery (617 Main Street), where the program will center Malanga’s photography, whiich has, per Creeley’s assessment of his poetry, neatly circumscribed pop and the avant-garde.


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