The Dead

[LITERATURE] This is, frankly, an event that requires much of its audience to be a great as it should be. Happily (and that’s the last adverb you’ll read here), no one is coming who isn’t interested by the idea: to begin with, some talk about James Joyce, Ireland, and Dublin, followed by a careful reading of Joyce’s masterful short story “The Dead”—which is funny and grim and perfect. That there will be few skeptics in the crowd might dismay Joyce himself, who exalted skepticism, as it may the evening’s guide, Mason Winfield, a literary historian of local folktales and stories of the supernatural, who loves a good argument and is, withal, a charming host. Winfield’s salon takes place Tuesday, April 2 at the Roycroft Inn.


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!


Roycroft Inn

40 S Grove St.
East Aurora, NY