Richie Ramone

[PUNK] There aren’t many Ramones left these days. Johnny, Dee Dee, Joey, and Tommy—all of the original members of iconic New York City punk band have all left this planet since the turn of the century. Richie Ramone, the third drummer of the band (from 1983 to 1987) is still alive and kicking, though. And to be honest, those weren’t the worst years for the Ramones—in 1984 they released a back-to-the-basics record, Too Tough to Die, and in 1986 they released maybe one of their best songs since their heyday, “My Brain is Hanging Upside Down,” which came from the record Animal Boy. Of the band’s three drummers (Marky Ramone fits in there somewhere), Richie, who played more than 500 shows with the band, was perhaps the most aggressive behind the kit. Catch Richie Ramone at Mohawk Place on Tuesday, March 20 with local support from The Barksdales, Chester Copperpot, and The Waves.



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