Photo by David Torke

Buffalo East: Photography Pop Up

[PHOTOGRAPHY] There is little to no chance that you, who are holding this paper in your hands or looking at this page on a screen, have ever been to the Saddle Up Saloon, adjacent the Clinton-Bailey Farmer’s Market. Now is your opportunity: On Friday, February 24, four intrepid documentary photographers will open a show of their work at one of Buffalo’s best little bars with a reception from 6pm to midnight. It’s the closing reception, too: This is a one-night-only affair. The photographers are Christina Laing, Chris Hawley, David Torke, and Molly Jarboe; their subject is the city’s East Side. “This is the first ever art event to take place at Saddle Up Saloon, a bar so hidden that even the most knowledgeable localvores are unaware of its existence,” says Hawley, who lives for opportunities to reveal Buffalo to Buffalonians. “In fact, Saddle Up Saloon is the only tavern in Buffalo that does not have frontage on a public right-of-way.” Buffalo East, he adds, is the first of several anticipated photography pop-ups that will be held at Buffalo locations that are seldom seen. In future pop-ups, organizers will focus on not only unknown locations in, but photographers from, host neighborhoods. The work is designed to be affordable to all audiences. Each photographer is making available 10 unframed prints, all original and new work, each in editions of five, for only $25 apiece.



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

55 Hubbard St.
Buffalo, NY