Peter Case

[AMERICANA] It occured to me recently, as I was reading yet another recounting of the life of the late Alex Chilton, that Hamburg native Peter Case and Chilton share some of the biographical arc: They were pretty close in age, Chilton born just a few years earlier; both revealed themselves to be prodigiously talented songwriters and rock musicians as teenagers; both achieved early commercial success, Chilton as a teenager with with the Boxtops and Case in his 20s with theNerves and the Plimsouls; both walked away from that early success, perhaps believing it’d always be there if they wanted it. There, perhaps, the biographical arcs diverge: While Chilton alternately labored at and self-sabotaged a career that would make him a mythic figure in the constellation of pop music, Case became the consummate journeyman troubadour, touring relentelssly with a guitar and a suitcase, turning out a dozen solo albums filled with beautifually crafted and presented songs, collaborating with and writing for a who’s who of musicians. He has never again scored the kind of radio hit he had with “A Million Miles Away,” but his solo records and guest appearances on others’ records, in combination with his touring, have a built him a steady and loyal fan base, who in turn provide him a decent living. (It doesn’t hurt when one of his songs is featured on True Detective or Friday Night Lights.) Case comes back to his native Western New York pretty often, and his audiences here are alwys full of folks-who-knew-him-when, even though he lit out of here as a teenager. His performance on Thursday, February 28 at the Sportsmen’s is bound to be crowded, so bget tickets early.

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