The Falling Birds

[INDIE] Filled with the lo-fi piss and vinegar of early Black Keys, but shot through with something even less orderly and restrained, the Falling Birds teeter on the thin wire between gritty electric blues and garage punk. It’s an inexact balancing act that allows the duo room to occasionally veer off into some folksy prettiness without sacrificing the fury and snarl that caught your attention on “Sweet Things That Kill,” the lead single and first track on last year’s ‘Til We All Fall Down EP, which was recorded in their New York City basement. Arriving at Mohawk Place on Thursday, January 12, Stephen Artemis (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Dave Alan (drums, percussion, and keys) will likely play some tunes from the forthcoming new EP, What Is There to Talk About, which sees an official release on February 17. If the current single, “Anything Worse,” is any indication, the material might boast some tighter harmonies, but they’ve retained the fuzz factor and punchy delivery. Either way, it’s always refreshing to discover new bands that don’t seem terribly interested in super tidy production. The Falling Birds are joined by local trio Chester CopperpotCrooked Gener8ion, This, Echota, and Soldiers for Higher.



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