Browser Plug-in Reduces Buffalo News Articles Down to Headline and Comments

by / Aug. 6, 2015 3pm EST

A local web developer has created a plug-in for your Google Chrome web browser that automatically reduces Buffalo News articles down to the bare essentials: the headline and the comments. The brainchild of web developer Frank Napolski and designer Eileen Ruberto, the plug-in strips Buffalo News articles down to the only parts you’re reading anyways. Think of it as your Facebook feed installed directly into your browser. This cutting edge technology was brought to our attention in light of the recent controversy over comments on the Buffalo News website.

Now you can enjoy senseless reactionary comments from closed-minded people based on a handful of words pulled from complex news stories, without having to wade through any useless context or details. There’s even a button half way down the page that’ll zoom you down to the comments even quicker! Genius I say, genius. Click here to download the plug-in, but beware: it can take a few minutes to load each page. To install go to Chrome > Preferences > Extensions—click the checkbox for Developer Mode—then drag and drop the file into your browser. You can see a few extraordinary examples of the magic of this plug-in below.