Kuzma to Refer Goons to D.A.

by / Jul. 31, 2015 6am EST

In case you missed it as part of the overall Joe Mascia story, you need to stop and go read this story about how two of Mascia’s operatives tried to manufacture a little attention for themselves at Fillmore District Common Councilman David Franczyk’s office earlier this month. 

There, I wrote, 

Kuzma then suggested to the detective, “what about charging them with filing a false police report?” The hunt is now on to see what, exactly, was contained in the complainants’ police report. 

Here is the police report (you can click to enlarge): 

Kuzma says he will be forwarding this information, as well as the identity of his witnesses, to the District Attorney’s office in the hopes that they will prosecute these complainants for filing a false police report.