Our Top Picks From the New City Dining Cards App

by / Jul. 23, 2015 3pm EST

You’ve seen them in most stores in Buffalo. You’ve probably purchased a deck or received one as a gift; flipping through the contents to find some of your favorite restaurants. City Dining Cards have replaced those old out-dated “entertainment books,” and now the successful Buffalo based company is taking their business to the next level with their new free City Dining Cards App.

Earlier this week the company launched their new app in Buffalo and Baltimore, and as avid fans of the card decks, we had to download it immediately. We quickly discovered some old favorites and new recommendations. Here are our staff picks: 

Geoff KellyEditor-in-Chief
Pick: Niagara Seafood, 837 Niagara St.

“Home of the best banh mi in town. The noodles are great too; most of their menu is great. But the banh mi…”

Amanda FerreiraProduction Manager/Graphic Designer
Pick: Essex St. Pub, 530 Rhode Island St.

“If I can save $5 whilst eating a tasty veggie burrito and drinking a pint, that means I can afford to drink even more pints! Also, I really like how the City Dining Cards app is designed and how user friendly it is. I hope they can get an Android version out there soon! #nudgenudgewinkwink”

Cory PerlaMusic Editor 
Pick: Public Espresso, Hotel Lafayette, 391 Washington St.

“I’m a coffee junkie but I haven’t had a chance to check out the new Public Espresso location at Hotel Lafayette yet. The free pour-over coffee card gives me a great reason to get my butt over there. FREE TREATS!”

Kevin ThurstonPublic Advertising Executive
Pick(s): Salumeria Belsito, 1368 Hertel + Gypsy Parlor, 376 Grant St.

“I have two picks. The first is Salumeria. A friend and I stopped here on a Saturday afternoon when another place for pizza, panini, and salad was too crowded. Best decision we made! The margherita pizza is simple and really great. The charcuterie is wonderful (I recommend the Tour of Italy) and they have a nice selection of local beer on tap as well as a competitively priced wine list.

My second pick is Gypsy Parlor. Eclectic is a great word to describe everything at Gypsy; the customers, the decorations, the menu. They have great pub food, especially the Banh Mi Poutine, and their drinks are quite tasty at a nice price—I have a friend who drinks Gypsy Juice by the gallon, but that’s a story for another time…”

Sean HeidingerDirector of Community Engagement
Pick: Curly’s Grill, 647 Ridge Rd.

“Without hesitation, Curly’s is my pick. Not only because Curly’s hits so close to home sitting on the South Buffalo/Lackawanna border—which is where I grew up—but the establishment has been making considerable improvements to their menu, environment, and even their branding. Their service is unmatched, the environment is cozy yet industrial, and the staff is beyond welcoming. Curly’s is known to most because of the jerk marinade which is out of this world and can be applied to over half of the menu. Totally worth the 10 minute drive from Downtown Buffalo.”

Billy Sandora-NastynSocial Media Director
Pick: The map feature…

“I refuse to pick a single restaurant as my favorite because I am a lover of all food. I can tell you what I am not a lover of though: the hunger walk. My favorite feature in the City Dining Cards app is the ‘Nearby’ map feature. Being able to see my proximity to the closest dining options (with discounts!) will help me avoid the awkward search for food when I’m too hungry to think clearly. No more feeling HANGRY!”

Make sure to download the City Dining Cards app and start exploring!