Photo courtesy of the Buffalo History Museum.
Photo courtesy of the Buffalo History Museum.

Looking Backward: Broadway Fillmore

by / Jun. 12, 2018 4pm EST

Broadway Fillmore is one of the storied neighborhoods of Buffalo, associated with Polish immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, later with African Americans, and today with a burgeoning Bangladeshi community. With a Belt Line stop and two major streetcar routes, the neighborhood became so densely populated in the early 20th century that its center—the corner of Broadway and Fillmore avenues—became a direct competitor to downtown Buffalo. Suburbanization led to the loss of nearly three quarters of its residents over half a century. This neighborhood built by and for working people has a better chance of survival with the recent creation of the Broadway Fillmore Historic District.

Here’s the intersection of Broadway and Fillmore in September 2017: