Ultimate Outdoor Events Calendar 2017

by / May. 24, 2017 12am EST

We all know that once the weather warms up in Western New York we are outdoors as much as possible. We’ve compiled the 2017 Ultimate Outdoor Events Calendar as a way to help you narrow down the endless options. And we also want to see you all outside soaking up what our region has to offer!



That Summer Feeling

The bird count, some dog ticks, and a trio of foxes: If you’ve forgotten what I’m naming, you’re gonna long to reclaim it one day.


The Beers of Summer

Our intrepid correspondent and friends offer you the best beer choices for warm weather.

Eyes Everywhere’s Ultimate Summer Playlist

Partying on a patio on a summer day in Buffalo with hometown boys Kyle Tatum and Brian Doyle, better known as Eyes Everywhere, is something every resident should do as often as possible. It’s a rejuvenating experience—dancing in the sunlight to bassy house music.