Donald Trump: The Rally

by / Apr. 19, 2016 8am EST

Kudos to the people who protested both inside and outside the FN arena. Thank you for speaking and acting in opposition to Donald Trump. 

Clarence town councilmembers Chris Greene, Paul Shear, and Congressman Chris Collins were positioned in such a way that their support for Donald Trump’s toxic blend of know-nothing populist bluster brings shame on our town

I listened to a small portion of the speech and found it to be quite possibly the most vapid, Kardashian-esque, stream-of-consciousness nonsense I’ve heard since the last time I watched a Survivor tribal council or Big Brother head of household nomination ceremony. 

Last night’s Trump rally attracted 11,400 people to the First Niagara Center with three weeks’ notice, beautiful weather, a 7pm start time, and complete media saturation. 

Last week’s Bernie Sanders rally attracted 11,500 people to UB with three days’ notice, pouring rain, and a 5pm start time and the region’s top-rated AM newsradio station was not completely in the tank for him, nor did it link on its own website to Sanders tickets, nor did it push a text alert regarding when tickets became available. 

So, let’s say western New York is arguably way more Bernie Country than Donald Country. 

In any event, here are some things to remember about the Trump performance: 

1. Our generation’s Pearl Harbor took place in September — not July. If a Democrat had made this gaffe, there would be howls of derision from all the usual suspects. 

2. During Trump’s paean to the 7/11 first responders, he extolled the virtues of police, fire, MTA workers, and other members of public sector unions. On this we can agree. Does he agree that they deserve fair benefits and remuneration? 

3. This may become one of the most iconic images of the 2016 Presidential election — an anti-Trump protester being ejected from the First Niagara Center, courtesy of the Buffalo News’ Derek Gee: 

4. Buffalo made sure that #TrumpEatsAss trended last night on Twitter. 

Polls are open now through 9pm throughout Erie County; they open at noon in many other counties throughout upstate NY. Only registered Republicans and Democrats can vote in our closed primaries. Donald Trump, naturally, is going to crush on the (R) side, but Hillary Clinton really needs a big win against Sanders in the state she served in the Senate. 

I’ll be providing analysis on WGRZ tonight at 10 and 11, and some sort of webcast is planned between 9 — 10. Follow along on Twitter to watch the fun.