This Week's Public Picks: Glass, the Wall's Ghost

by / Jan. 23, 2018 6pm EST

Glass, the Wall’s Ghost III by Glass, the Wall’s Ghost

Recommended if you like: Elliott Smith, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens

The latest album from Buffalo-based musician Eric Beeny, A.K.A. Glass, the Wall’s Ghost, was released at the end of the year. Titled  Glass, the Wall’s Ghost III, part of a series of records that the artist has been releasing since 2014. The 14 track album is a sprawling indie pop album written mostly on acoustic guitar, but interlaced with electronic effects and atmospheric interludes. The occasional electric guitar or piano surfaces throughout, but the focus is usually turned to Beeny’s harmonic, reverberated vocals and sometimes surrealistic, existential lyrics that examine everything from love to the nature of reality. 

Beeny cites Elliott Smith, Bon Iver, and Sufjan Stevens as influences and the Smith influence is especially noticeable on tracks like the second track, “Brick Ocean,” with its breathy vocals and moody, melancholic key changes.

The bedroom indie pop album occasionally dives into more psychedelic territory, too, on tracks like “The Warmest December,” which intros with an atmospheric wash before moving into a rustic guitar line.

Other highlights include the poppy, uptempo album opener “Breaking Mirrors,” and light yet exploratory “Fortunate Love,” and the cosmic and rhythmic “Infinity’s Womb.”” Stream Glass, The Wall’s Ghost III for free on Bandcamp or purchase the album for $7.