When: Wed Jun. 20, 5:00pm

[ROCK] Sun Records, founded in 1952, had a lot to do with the birth and growth of rock and roll.

When: Wed Jun. 20, 7:00pm
These two veterans have a new record together, and they’re coming to Sportsmen’s Tavern to give everyone a taste.
When: Wed Jun. 20, 8:00pm

[BURLESQUE] A whole bunch of artists—from dancers, choreographers, and a full band—will come together for what should be a fun night of burlesque and music...

When: Thu Jun. 21, 8:00pm

[INDIE] Wearing a blazer and t-shirt, sweat pouring down his forehead, a pair of red headphones  wrapped around his pony-tailed hair, paris_monste...

When: Thu Jun. 21, 8:00pm

[SOUL] Ruby Velle & The Soulphnonics craft a type of throwback soul music that fans of acts like Nathaniel Rateliff, Sharon Jones, and...

When: Fri Jun. 22, 7:00pm

[ROCK] Ron Hawkins is no stranger to Buffalo.

When: Fri Jun. 22, 7:30pm

[COMEDY] The guy’s name is simply Talent. Talk about confidence.

When: Sat Jun. 23, 8:15pm

[BLUEGRASS] The Grammy Awards may be flawed in countless ways, but there’s good reason why bluegrass-hybrid chanteuse Alison Krauss has won...

When: Sat Jun. 23, 9:00pm

[ROCK] Five-piece Americana band Little Mountain Band returns to Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar for a show on Saturday, June 23. They’ll bring along some friends...

When: Mon Jun. 25, 7:00pm

[POP] Sir Sly makes seriously stellar “sly-fi” music, a brand of Arcade Fire-y indie pop music with plenty of psychedelic influence and...

Where: Artpark
When: Tue Jun. 26, 5:00pm

[COUNTRY] Just because they’re Canadian doesn’t mean they can’t produce country music, and Blue Rodeo has been at it for nearly 35 years,...

When: Tue Jun. 26, 6:00pm

[BLUES] Sisters in blues, Rebecca Lovell and Megan Lovell are the brains behind roots rock band Larkin Poe. Formerly known simply as The...

When: Tue Jun. 26, 7:00pm

[FUN] Often one of the biggest, most anticipated concerts in the annual Picnic in the Parkway series features a performance by the Buffalo...

When: Tue Jun. 26, 7:00pm

[ROCK] Once dubbed “the world’s sexiest vegetarian,” Aussie singer songwriter Xavier Rudd released his new Storm Boy late last...

When: Tue Jun. 26, 8:00pm

[FUNK] When you hear skillfully rendered music pouring out into the street or onto the tracks of a train station, you tend to notice.

When: Wed Jun. 27, 5:00pm

[INDIE] Hailing from Albany, Wild Adriatic bring a full to the brim rock and roll sound with them—from guitars to sax, and keys.