[PARTY] DJ Malik Von Saint and visual artist Kyrstin Voida came together on the streets of Buffalo’s muddled DJ scene in 2012. This was when Von Saint was first introduced to the music of the Allentown district. Having noticed the large number of uninspiring DJs playing top 40 and unoriginal work, they decided to form 198X, flipping the switch on their own authentic visual soundscapes. Von Saint’s heavy neo-synthesized/dark wave/dance rotation and Voida’s compelling cinematography/stage setup create a pure but controlled chaos. “Take a page from Love and Rockets and put a monograph spin on it,” Von Saint says, describing the essence of 198X. Check them out at Duke’s on Friday, December 23 as part of their “Unoffical Every Time I Die After Party,” also featuring music by Palace and No Grave But the Sea.


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

253 Allen St
Buffalo, NY