Trailer Park Boys: Dear Santa Tour

[COMEDY] The Trailer Park Boys are coming to town! Bubbles (Mike Smith) wants to share the true meaning of Christmas with the world, but his warmhearted intentions are sullied when Julian (John Paul Trembly) decides to corruptly capitalize on the holiday season and Ricky’s (Robb Wells) relentless pursuit of Santa, or “SantaJesusGod” . Further adding to the madness is the inebriated Mr. Lahey (John Dunsworth) and his cheeseburger-popping sidekick, Randy (Patrick Roach). With nine seasons and two feature films, this plot may seem trite, but their scripted synopsis is merely a loose structure to allow these remarkable comedic actors to improvise and interact with their audience. For those who don’t know, these five gentlemen star in the Canadian series Trailer Park Boys. The mostly-improvised mockumentary follows the lives of three trailer/car/shed-dwelling Nova Scotians who can usually be found committing petty crimes or smoking and drinking (or all of the above). Their diet primarily consists of cheap booze, pepperoni, and chicken fingers, and they speak in a vernacular that’s equal parts malapropisms (“supply and command” “get two birds stoned”) and tremendously creative obscenities (“go f***off in f***ity f*** land”). The Trailer Park Boys: Dear Santa Tour hits up Shea’s Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, December 15.



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646 Main St.
Buffalo, NY