Peace, Love & Grant Street

[HOLIDAYS] For a small street with a ton of history that was all but left for dead in the 1980s, Grant Street still conjures up many associations, positive and negative, historical and actual for the people that live there and the still many people that live a half-mile to the east who can barely imagine even driving further west than La Nova. What it is, and what the July’s Taste of Diversity and December’s Peace, Love & Grant Street tries to celebrate is a lovely stretch of small businesses that cuts through one of the most diverse ZIP codes in the state outside of New York City. Between Ferry and Bird, there’s two used bookstores (Rust Belt Books, West Side Stories), an incomparable ethnic prepared food market (West Side Bazaar), a homegrown tavern (Gypsy Parlor), a lovely café (Sweetness 7), a subculture-making skateboard shop (Sunday), and a bunch of other shops and great people. So this Thursday from 4-8pm, get a taste of life on the ever-changing Grant Street, there’ll be a vendor market in the new build at Potomac and music outside and in between there and Gypsy Parlor and a petting zoo (with donkeys) for the kiddos in a nearby vacant lot. After 8pm, the party continues with Christmas Karaoke and free appetizers in Gypsy Parlor. 


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!


Grant Street