Thanksgiving At City Of Buffalo Animal Shelter All Day Adoption And Donation Drive

[THANKSGIVING] This year our furry friends at City Of Buffalo Animal Shelter are being treated to a specially made feast for Thanksgiving. Chef Malik Von Saint has rounded up some of his friends, culinary masters and owners of local food businesses, to put together custom made three-course gourmet meals for both cats and dogs at the shelter. 

The dog menu, waggishly named “Le Dog,” consists of “Charcuterie” for the first course, which includes smoked German wieners donated by Spar’s European Sausage Shop in memory of the owner’s four-legged friend Sheila. For the second course, the dogs will enjoy “Plat Principal,” described as a “mélange of turkey, sweet potato, jasmine rice, vitamins with pureed edamame topped with one fresh blade of grass.” The third course for dessert will be homemade dog ice cream topped with toasted treat crumbles.

For the cat menu, which is titled “Da Cat,” the first course “Le Lait Potage” contains goat milk with greek yogurt elements with vitamins and probiotics. The second course “Le Chats Paradis” is described as “rillettes, but with a mixture of rabbit and salmon with vitamins” provided by Black Sheep. For the third course the cats will enjoy catnip cake.

Aside from the exquisite dinner for the animals, there will also be festive decorations and music provided as entertainment. There’s also a long list of items the shelter is asking for people to donate off their Amazon wish list. And of course, the animals are hoping that you’ll take them home for the holidays, too.

The exquisite dinner for canines and felines, looking to be adopted into a cozy and loving new home, will take place on Wednesday, November 23 between 4pm and 7pm at the Buffalo Animal Shelter, 380 N. Oak Street in Buffalo. The shelter will be open for adoption at 9am.


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

380 N. Oak St.
Buffalo, NY