Judah Friedlander

[COMEDY] Judah Friedlander is the World Champion ­– world’s greatest athlete, martial artist (extra-dark black belt), sexually desired by all women, a role model to children and remarkably humble. Hailed by Tina Fey as “one of the all-time great weirdoes,” Judah is beloved by comics and audiences for his hilariously unique swagger. With an unparalleled flair for original material, Judah is truly a visionary, whether he is sharing his true passions; writing horror novels for children (ages 1-3); dropping one-liners; or pitching his future presidential initiatives which include moving the best states (New York, California and Hawaii) closer. He also makes his own hats (his World Champion hat, which was awarded to him alongside matching shirt and windbreaker, notwithstanding). Starring in NBC’s Emmy-winning series, 30 Rock, Judah has made hundreds of film and television appearances, but his heart is forever devoted to stand-up. Never performing the same show twice, he grills his audience, interjecting to emphasize his superiority (“I could probably kick this whole crowds’ ass with my left nut, and that’s the weaker of my seven nuts”). Nonetheless, Judah isn’t above educating those lesser species, having penned How To Beat Up Anybody—a manual on advanced fighting techniques to combat opponents of all calibers, from Big Foot to dinosaurs. Catch Judah Friedlander at Helium Comedy Club on Thursday, November 19 through Saturday, November 21



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