Jonathan Richman

[FOLK] What Jonathan Richman does is so beautifully radical that I almost don’t want to tell you about it, because I want Saturday’s early set at Nietzsche’s to be just as intimate as his last half dozen shows in Buffalo have been. As the former lead man of the Modern Lovers, Richman is one of a handful of pre-eminent American songwriters whose voice and music have spanned the globe. But it’s how he does it that makes him stand alone in an industry where record sales revenue has plummeted and anyone who was ever someone appears at a casino or some other sterile hall where everyone has assigned seating for $125 a ticket with billboards and marketing and airbrushed head shots and presales for preferred credit card customers. Richman eschews all that to live as he sings, for the beauty and joy of art alone. Armed with a strapless classical guitar and his perennial standby Tommy Larkins on percussion, Richman opens a songbook that spans dozens of his own albums and works his favorite material from wherever he finds it in whatever language he hears it. You will never encounter a legend as bright and engaging as Jonathan Richman in a more accessible or intimate venue. Just get there on time, he’s starting right at 8pm and there’s a 10pm folk show that follows. This show is part of Nietzsche’s 2nd annual Folkfest, but is a seperately ticketed event.




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248 Allen St.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: 716-886-8539