Portrait of Karen B.

Let Me Show You What I Saw

[ART] Elizabeth E. Spiro-Carmen is exhibiting her art. A lot of art. Twenty five years worth of art. This Friday, Artspace will host a retrospective of her work. The works on display will be made from various mediums ranging from what Spiro-Carmen calls “paper paintings” to photography. Spiro-Carmen says, “I have moved through my life with a framer’s eye. It has been the difference between a vacation photo or bit of memorabilia and the special cropped and enhanced view worth the second, third or more look. Look at it, and then, look again. You may truly see what grabbed ME about the image.”

The Spiro-Carmen I know never stops. She works tirelessly as a Buffalo Public School School Art Teacher, she is a world traveler, animal lover, mother and all around true-artist-heart. I’ve spotted her riding her bicycle around Buffalo like a young child, smiling at the sky happy just to be alive. She is an image hunter with a clear vision who will not stop making.



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

1219 Main St.
Buffalo, NY