Vessel: Ruined/Accidental Intimacies/LiveNudeRewrites

[PERFORMANCE] Artists Halley Marie Shaw, Megan Kemple, and Lissa Roads have curated a night combining dance, poetry, performance art, and music in a show titled Vessel: Ruined/Accidental Intimacies/LiveNudeRewrites. The three-hour production is a revised version of a previous show put on at the Nietzsche’s in July, once again transforming the site into Vessel, an underground music venue complete with five house burlesque/gorlesque dancers.

There will be three segments of the show. The first segment incorporates poetry, flash fiction, and music put together by Shaw with a contribution from Chris Vogt. Throughout this section titled “Ruined” protagonist and dancer Rowan Ruin is presented while teaching the narrator how to be her, giving the narrator enough confidence and strength to properly tell Ruin’s story.

The second segment of the night, created by Kemple, titled “Accidental Intimacies” showcases all the other dancers of Vessel.  Kemple’s poetry is combined with a soundtrack of unreleased Lana Del Rey songs as Kemple, Skyler Jaye, Arianne Davidow, and Kelsey Anderson bring the words and characters to life through dance.

The third segment created by Roads and Shaw is a variety hour of musicians and poets who perform as Rowan Ruin does a live, topless cut-and-shuffle, making collage and poetry out of the narrator’s story. The character of Res, who is a poet and artist, as well as Rowan’s partner in crime, hosts this hour. Poets and musicians for this part of the show include Elli Catherine, Lissa Roads, Kathleen Allyn Ashwill, Jasmine Shanice, and Paul Sottnik.






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Buffalo, NY
Phone: 716-886-8539