Photo by Taylor Wallace


[ELECTRONICA] In the beginning, there was darkness. And then there was Sound Tribe Sector 9, a.k.a.STS9—a nuclear fusion of progressive funk, post-rock and intergalactic electronica. Their live shows spew hot, molten energy amidst brightly colored lights, and have a tendency to get pretty spacey, taking fans on an extraterrestrial sonic journey. Though visuals play a large role in STS9’s showmanship, composition and technical execution have always taken precedence. From “Equinox” to “Golden Gate,” STS9’s collective musicianship and capacity to orbit a beat in haunting synchronization is capable of sending chills down your spine. After undergoing a cataclysmic personnel transformation last year with the departure of bassist and founder Dave Murphy, they soldiered on in pursuit of cleaner, more accessible harmonies. In 2014 they delivered a praiseworthy tour, showcasing their raw instrumental prowess by giving acoustic treatment to gems like “Tap In” and “986 Foot Tall Trees.” Alana Rocklin’s debut on bass also brought a new, highly combustible chemistry to the stage. With a history of vanquishing challenges and consistently exceeding expectations, it’s safe to say that STS9’s sonic perfection will continue to thrive this time around. Catch STS9 at the Town Ballroom on Sunday, October 25. 

$27.50 - $30


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Town Ballroom

681 Main St.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: 716-852-3900