Spiritual Rez

[REGGAE] Hailing from Boston, Spiritual Rez, is a seven-piece reggae-rock-funk outfit known for high-octane live shows. In 2014 they released their fourth full-length album Apocalypse Whenever, which was chock-full of sticky hooks and end-of-the-world themes. The raw talent of each member is on display at their live shows, which offer a glimpse into the chemistry of their rich, textured sound and jazzy tones. Ian Miller beats the skins with rapid speed and precision, never losing the skin-tight rhythm. The spine-tingling guitar and keytar work coupled with the brass-soaked waves of sound melt the audience into a molten hot dancing frenzy. An array of swanky tones flow smoothly, riding Jesse Shaternick’s funky, driving bass lines. Finally, Toft Willingham’s honey-thick vocals and passionate charm take charge, swallowing the audience into a lush, amicable soundscape where dancing is rampant. Whether it’s the hypnotic riffs of “One Light,” the carefree vibes of “Alone Again” or the body-rocking bridge and fierce instrumental solos of “Steve Got Arrested,” The Rez effectively unites their individual talents into beautifully crafted, hard-hitting songs that never fail to shake a stage. Catch Spiritual Rez at Buffalo Iron Works with Gang of Thieves and Personal Blend on Thursday, October 8.




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49 Illinois St.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 200-1893