Bill Maher

[COMEDY] In response to Donald Trump’s 2013 request for Barack Obama’s birth certificate, Bill Maher offered Trump $5 million to prove he wasn’t “the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.” Trump sued when Maher didn’t pay up. That said, Bill Maher’s brand of humor is for mature audiences only. Maher is well known as the host of HBO’s weekly political comedy series, Real Time with Bill Maher and his 1993 show Politically Incorrect. His 2008 documentary Religulous exposed the hypocrisy and cultural irrelevance of the business of religion. He has written four books, is the executive producer of HBO’s Vice, and has been performing standup since 1979. In the standup arena, Maher’s audience roars with laughter as he scorches the Tea Party, Republican presidential hopefuls, and religious fanaticism. He riffs on trending news commentary putting into perspective how radical conservatives occasionally lack common sense and reason—fear mongering over the latest faux outrage of the day, like the Iran deal and Hillary Clinton eating at Chipotle to pander to Hispanic voters. He is outspoken and steadfast in his convictions, but unlike commentators like Rush Limbaugh, the fabric of Maher’s jokes are facts and statistics. Catch Maher at Shea’s Performing Arts Center on Saturday, September 26.



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