Art Gone Wild

[BENEFIT] It’s not often one gets to sip out of a wine glass that was painted by an African elephant, hang artwork featuring a polar bear footprint in their home, or simply sit back and discuss the surrealist approach that one of the Buffalo Zoo’s beloved Gorillas has put his heart and soul into painting. All of this becomes possible by attending Art Gone Wild, an event hosted by the keepers at the zoo directly benefitting the animal department, which is taking place on ThursdaySeptember 24 from 6pm to 9pm on the third floor of the Pearl Street Grill and Brewery. This event features the auction and sale of pieces of art, which will run between $10 and $200, created by a large selection of zoo animals from otters to big cats and reptiles. “Some animals hold a brush and paint with their hands or mouths like the sea lion. Others do finger painting, and some of the more dangerous animals do full body prints or paw/footprints during physicals when they are not awake,” says Lynne Hougle, the Zoo’s SOAR Team Leader. “Polar bear prints are always one of the most popular, but one piece that has been worked on for years is a massive canvas—that definitely won’t fit in anyone’s car—that features a large number of animal prints on one canvas.” Tickets may be purchased for $10 presale or at the door for $15 each—and it’s open to the public. 



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

76 Pearl St
Buffalo, NY