The Alabama Shakes

[ROCK] Since 2010, the Alabama Shakes have been on a high-speed jaunt, selling over a million copies of their debut Boys and Girls and amassing a cult following, which includes a range of celebrities from Robert Plant to Barack Obama. The nine-piece outfit spent their early years cutting their teeth in clubs and venues across the Southeast, fostering a soulful roots rock sound that sizzles. Setting a high bar for themselves early on with their three-time Grammy-nominated debut and hit single, “Hold On,” they showed their moxie on their ballsy sophomore album, Sound & Color. Straying away from their retro-rock sound, they feast on a medley of psych-rock, blues, and garage punk that shimmers with their charm and further supports their talent. The Shakes play bold and gutsy live sets with ambitious arrangements steeped in texture and heart. Their unique sound draws people in, but it’s the crispy instrumental execution and passion-soaked attraction of Brittany Howard’s voice that leaves their listeners spellbound. Howard’s raw vocal chops radiate on stage as her earnest croon seamlessly extends to a supernatural falsetto (“Future People”). When they aren’t flexing their melodious muscles, they’re graciously thanking and fawning over their audience. Catch the Alabama Shakes with Sean Rowe on Tuesday, September 22 at Artpark.



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450 South 4th St.
Lewiston, NY