Slightly Stoopid

[JAM] Maybe you have one of those friends that’s always good to go, upbeat, looking on the bright side, etc. Even in dark times, they seem unfazed. Call it blissful ignorance. Sometimes folks like that make me angry, but they’re a necessary reminder that we can all break from the dead seriousness of modern living and wear life like a loose fitting garment if we choose to—easier said than done, I know. San Diego’s Slightly Stoopid has built a career—as have many jam bands that tour successfully, year after year—on delivering solid vibes, solid grooves and a solid outlook. And while there may be an improvisational element to most jam acts, Slightly Stoopid’s reggae-tinted lens stays dependably focused on accenting the one and the three—because sometimes all we need is a sense of certainty that something is going to happen the way we expect it to. At Artpark on Friday, August 10, the men of Stoopid will serve up a slice of summery musical paradise, sprinkling in bits of ska and funk, along with like-minded guests Stick Figure and Pepper.



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!



450 South 4th St.
Lewiston, NY