A Night of Music & Burlesque

[BURLESQUE] Moxy Cleaveland Cabaret returns with another unique burlesque and music performance this Saturday, August 11 at Milkie’s on Elmwood. The folk-punk acoustic duo will perform pop hits along side singer/songwriter Robin Bank$, and folk guitarist Kerry Fey. Burlesque comes from Sugatush, Honey Jazel, Fiona Fatale, Sapphire, SeaQueen, and Duchess Harding. The show’s organizer, Sugatush, A.K.A. Vanessa Oswald, who has performed with groups such as Foxy Diamonds and Femme Noir is excited to present this fun and unique burlesque show. “I wanted to do something exciting and outside of the norm when it comes to burlesque in Buffalo. I also wanted to encourage collaboration between artists,” she says. “There are so many talented artists in Buffalo and I feel like adding the live music element to burlesque brings an intriguing level of spontaneity and unpredictability to the movement and to the performance, which will be enjoyable not only for the audience, but for the performers as well.” Expect some original music and covers of everything from Robin Thicke to Marcy Playground as the burlesque dancers perform with the musicians. 



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!



522 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY