Photo by Kasey Keown.


[INDIE] The first time you listen to Stokeswood, you will be surprised by how easily their hip hop beats and indie rock melodies hypnotize you and get your body moving. The Atlanta-based quintet have been spreading their sticky sound since the early 2000s, and are known for their captivating stage presence and their tendency to seamlessly trade off instruments throughout their set. While their previous efforts were quite popular in the South, the keyboard-filled dub-pop electro-beats from their latest album, 2075, deserve national recognition. The album drifts between the sexy synth dubs on the title track, to the perfect 1980s synths on “Our Streets“ which plays like an energetic Maroon 5 mega-hit. Catch Stokeswood with Mike & Dave (of Aqueous) Acoustic Wonder Emporium at Buffalo Iron Works on FridayJuly 31 .





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49 Illinois St.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 200-1893