Motion City Soundtrack

[INDIE] Minneapolis, Minnesota indie rock band Motion City Soundtrack comes to Buffalo’s Town Ballroom as part of their So Long, Farewell tour, which includes their latest album release, Panic Stations. The music swings back to the band’s old days of impassioned delight, reminiscent of their second album Commit this to Memory. The sound has matured, of course, but the focus of the album was to keep things fresh, substituting rigid analyzation to free flowing and open methods of making music. The result is energizing and in line with the warnings against stagnancy that are found throughout the album. As the band announced earlier this year, this will be their final tour before an indefinite hiatus that will cap off a 20-year career. Brooklyn based indie group A Great Big Pile Of Leaves will open the show while West Virginia’s Rozwell Kid adds a layer of rock n’ roll. The performance take place on Monday, August 1 at 7pm. 



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Town Ballroom

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