Grace Potter

[ROCK] Grace Potter is a musical powerhouse with a fierce dexterity on multiple instruments, a sweeping vocal range, and a rock muscle that’s as strong as an ox. Formerly with the Nocturnals, Potter is known for her commanding presence in the live arena. Armed with her Flying V guitar, a tambourine, keyboards, and Hammond organ, her instrumental execution—while simultaneously dancing, singing, and vamping up the crowd—makes the blond-haired rock goddess so damn captivating. Multi-tasking abilities aside, the strongest weapon in Potter’s arsenal is her voice, which stretches from gritty and bluesy to tender and heartfelt. Her raw talent and onstage punch caught the attention of legends like the Rolling Stones, Neil Young and Kenny Chesney. This year, she opened for and sang with all three, and was also recruited by Chesney to record two duets, “Wild Child” and “U and Tequila.” Grace Potter’s next release, Midnight, is set to drop August 14 via Hollywood Records, but she has already teased fans with two smoldering singles, “Look What We’ve Become” and “Empty Heart.” Check them out, and don’t miss Grace Potter with Jessica Lea Mayfield at Artpark on Tuesday, July 28.



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450 South 4th St.
Lewiston, NY