Knox Hamilton

[INDIE] Once in a great while I’ll hear an indie-band with those tricked-out, over-produced, precision-tuned vocals and I won’t be able to resist. Knox Hamilton’s “Washed Up Together” is one of those rare happenings. A trio from Little Rock, Arkansas, the men of Knox Hamilton (Boots Copeland on vocals, bass and guitar, Drew Buffington on guitar and Cobo Copeland on drums) have been making music together for quite some time considering that Boots and Cobo are brothers. The sons of a musically encouraging pastor, the Copeland brothers bring an element of bright light to the band’s full length debut, The Heights, which dropped last year. It’s not the stuff of cerebral listening or terribly clever wordplay, but if you’re looking for some decently executed fluff, there are worse turns to be taken. The Heights makes for some tax-free summer listening, which means the trio’s upcoming show downstairs at Babeville’s 9th Ward on Monday, July 23, is right on time. Dubbed The Beach Boy Tour, the bill also features Brother Sundance (A.K.A. Rylan Talerico, whose debut EP Honey has racked up some impressive streaming numbers) and the Buffalo debut of Arkansas singer-songwriter Joseph Tilley



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!


The 9th Ward

341 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 852-3835