Ziggy Marley

[REGGAE] Fun fact: this guy wrote the theme song for Arthur, the cartoon with all the aardvarks. That’s hardly the most recognizable aspect of Ziggy Marley, though. He’s also Bob Marley’s eldest son and leader of the band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. His birth name is David, and it’s been said that Bob Marley nicknamed him Ziggy meaning ‘little spliff.” Ziggy, however, stated to a magazine once that people began calling him Ziggy after “Ziggy Stardust” was released because he’s such a big David Bowie fan. Either way, it stuck. He’s played alongside his father and siblings during his younger years, appearing on stage at the One Love Peace Concert in Kingston in 1978. Ziggy and his siblings Sharon, Cadella and Stephen made their debut as the Melody Makers in 1979, releasing “Children Playing in the Streets,” a track written for them by their father. They made their on-stage debut shortly thereafter at the Rock Roots Reggae two-day concert series in Kingston, performing on the same bill as their father. Ziggy and his brother Stephen played at their father’s funeral in 1981, and shortly after went on tour in support of Bob Marley’s Legend compilation album release. He worked with his mother, Rita Marley, on the production of the Melody Makers’ debut LP, also featuring the original rhythm section for Bob Marley’s Wailers. Ziggy went on to release his first solo album in 2003 titled Dragonfly, winning the Grammy for Best Reggae album. His most recent album titled Ziggy Marley was released in February of 2016, with a few records in between. Catch him at Artpark on Wednesday, July 19.



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