Art by Cat McCarthy

Vessel: Fragmented Fiction, Solid Soundtrack

[ART PARTY] Multi-talented artist Halley Marie Shaw is presenting a creatively diverse night of dance, poetry, performance art, and music in her show titled Vessel: Fragmented Fiction, Solid Soundtrack with creative direction by Angela Christina Lopez. The first two acts will feature multiple artists transforming into different characters from “Vessel,” which is a series of poems and flash fiction written by Shaw. The story centers around five house burlesque/gorlesque dancers, who are part of this wild underground music venue, and as chaos and madness ensues, a juicy secret may be exposed. Dancers involved in the show include Kathleen Allyn Ashwill, Cat McCarthy, and Another Lopez. In addition, Mega Del Rey, Kerry Fey, Velvet Bethany, Paul Sottnik, and Shaw will offer up various dramatic performances throughout the night. Kerry Alsheimer, Brendan Shea, Eliza Schneider, Bethany, Sottnik, and The Catskill Mountain Boys will also provide the audience with musical performances. In the third act of the night, various artists will share their original poetry and music. Other fun happenings include body painting by Tara Bystran and tarot card readings by Schneider out of the phone booth. This night of fun-filled debauchery takes place at Nietzsche’s on Thursday, July 13.



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Buffalo, NY
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