[ROCK] O.A.R.’s music is an amiable blend of easy rock and light reggae–a relative of Matchbox Twenty, the Fray and UB40. The Maryland-based quintet surfaced as an independent college band back in 1997 with their self-released The Wanderer. Following the examples set by bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead, O.A.R. rose to prominence by cultivating a die-hard audience through relentless touring and encouraging fans to share recordings. By their 2008 release, All Sides, their cult following had ballooned and radio stations began embracing hits like “This Town” and “Shattered.” Their 2013 release, King, strutted into slightly new territory boasting more reggae, ska, and punk than past efforts, but maintained their staple finely-crafted hooks. Speaking of excellent craftsmanship—Aussie roots virtuoso, John Butler is known for his deft lap-steel prowess and penchant for playing acoustic guitar through a medley of pedals and distorted Marshall amps. The John Butler Trio have carved a niche in the jam-blues arena through accessible songwriting and unique multi-instrumentalism, including the Australian “drone horn.” Their 2014 release Flesh And Blood maintains their legacy, featuring gentle melodies over richly textured instrumentation as heard on tracks like “Livin’ in the City.” Catch O.A.R. with the John Butler Trio at Artpark on Wednesday, July 15.



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450 South 4th St.
Lewiston, NY