[ELECTRONICA] Forming in Atlanta almost 20 years ago, Sound Tribe Sector 9, aka STS9, have yet to deflate. Built on collaboration and cooperation—literally, the mission statement of the group’s own record label, 1320 Records—they use organic instrumentation and samples to create a tightly woven tapestry of progressive funk and intergalactic electronica. They’re at their best when they play live, spending much of their time relentlessly touring and headlining festivals across the country. With impeccable raw musicianship, all five members are catalysts to their sound, making the live experience surreal and irresistibly dancey. STS9 is on a constant mission to self-improvement, and their 2014 tour was no exception, touted as one of the best in the band’s history. The 2014 tour also marked the introduction of a new bassist, Alana Rocklin, who proved to be a complete animal, boasting groovy basslines that popped and slapped with unparalleled conviction. If history tells us anything, it’s that STS9’s only next direction is up. Catch STS9 at Artpark on Wednesday, July 8.



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450 South 4th St.
Lewiston, NY