Double Exposure

[PHOTO] Photographer Sarah Barry began her “Double Exposure” series—a series of photographs that combine portraits of Buffalo neighbors with shots of local landscapes—as part of Sugar City’s “Fun-A-Day” project. “I ended up really enjoying the process of finding images that complimented my portraits. I had played around with making the before and I thought they’d look really interesting displayed as a series,” says Barry who will display her artwork at Grindhaus cafe starting at 6pm on Friday, July 1. In many cases, the landscapes compliment the physical characteristics of the human subjects—for instance, trees become hair or a fuzz sweater becomes a bushy forest—in other cases, the landscapes reflect the inner workings of the subject’s personality (a relaxed fellow seems to literally have his head in the clouds). The exhibit will open in conjunction with the Allentown Association’s First Fridays gallery walk.


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

160 Allen St.
Buffalo, NY