Michael Ian Black

[COMEDY] It’s hard to introduce a Very Famous guy like Michael Ian Black in such a way that does his comedic prowess justice. He does a much better job himself: “You guys may know me from such shows as Cancelled, Comedy Central Presents: No Longer on the Air, and my sitcom, Two and a Half Episodes.” MIB’s approach to humor is a bit tongue-in-cheek—somehow hopping between egotistical and self-depreciating. But make no mistake, the writer, actor, and “professional” comedian regularly serves up a hearty helping of hilarious jokes and observations, along with useful tips on bettering your own flying experience by making it miserable for someone else and adamant proclamations that he is not a p***y. Best known for his roles in brilliant comedy series like The State, Stella, Burning Love, and VH1’s I Love the… series, MIB was also amongst the star-studded cast of David Wain’s 2001 highly underrated, Wet Hot American Summer. His steamy delivery in perhaps the film’s most romantic scene has led Bradley Cooper (on more than one occasion) to cite MIB as his “favorite on-screen kiss,” to which, MIB so eloquently responded on Twitter, saying: “That wasn’t kissing; it was lovemaking.” MIB will star in the upcoming revamp, Wet Hot American Summer: The First Day of Camp, airing July 31 on Netflix. Check it out and don’t miss Michael Ian Black at Helium Comedy Club from Thursday, June 25 through Saturday, June 27.



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