Blue Rodeo

[COUNTRY] Just because they’re Canadian doesn’t mean they can’t produce country music, and Blue Rodeo has been at it for nearly 35 years, winning awards and collaborating with some of Canada’s best along the way. Though there have been numerous lineup changes, the core guitar/bass/vocals trio of Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and Bazil Donovan remains (although Colin Cripps now tours with them to assist with guitar and vocals due to Keelor’s hearing issues). They’ve even maintained a major label deal, releasing their latest, 2016’s 1000 Arms, on Warner Music Canada. It’s a good time to be a country artist and the sextet is making the most of it this summer, out on a headlining tour that brings them to Artpark in Lewiston on Tuesday June 26 with fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Colin James.





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450 South 4th St.
Lewiston, NY