Judah & the Lion

[INDIE] Folk-hop. That’s the genre-lane that’s been custom cut for Judah and the Lion, the Nashville-based band with the oh-so biblical sounding name that’s managed to cultivate quite a fan base over the last two years and is headlining Town Ballroom for a radio-sponsored acoustic gig on Friday, June 15. The core trio of the band is guitar, banjo and mandolin with shared harmony vocals, but the sound that’s helped them penetrate mainstream consciousness blends that Mumford-y musical jumping off point with hip-hop vocal styling and a glitchy electronic component. The resulting mashup moves Judah and company from the farmhouse porch to the urban club in one fell swoop. See how they manage it “unplugged”—tickets for this show are free, but they’re only available through 103.3 The Edge. Tune into the station for more details or visit



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!


Town Ballroom

681 Main St.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: 716-852-3900