Tommy Davidson

[COMEDY] Oscar Proud from the 2001 Disney animated series, The Proud Family, embodied all the aspects of Tommy Davidson’s stand-up—familial and cultural humor, and hilarious one-liners. The only difference is that Davidson, who voiced Oscar Proud, does not have to sensor his cursing. Davidson’s acting career began in the early 1990s, and he has since appeared in various movies and television shows, revealing his sharpest tongue—impersonations—on the variety show, In Living Color. He could nail down pop-culture figures, like Sammy Davis, Jr., down to the crooked grin and finger twitches. Check out his impression of Barack Obama explaining why Frosted Flakes are, in fact, great and endorsed by a very fashionable guy, Tony the Tiger. Catch Tommy Davidson at Helium Comedy Club from Thursday, May 28 through Saturday, May 30.



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