Larkin District Then and Now

[TOUR] In these times of widespread architectural preservation, it’s mind-boggling that (in 1950) the city of Buffalo authorized the demolition of Frank Loyd Wright’s first major public work, the Larkin Administration Building. The Larkin Company was a prospering soap manufactory and premium-based mail-order business, but by the mid-1900s, as with neighboring corporations, profits fell, forcing it into extinction. Perhaps its demolition would have been justifiable had the site sat on somewhat commercially desirable land, but the industrial activity that once characterized the Hydraulics District had largely subsided. The District sat idle until 2010, when a local developer revitalized the building, injecting life throughout the neighborhood. The area, now referred to as the Larkin District, offers a lively, multipurpose backdrop with concerts, Food Truck Tuesdays, and more. On Sunday, May 24 sink your teeth into a District that’s meeting up to it’s past burgeoning standards on the Larkin Then And Now Tour



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193 Elk Street
Buffalo, NY