RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8: The Queens Live Across America

[DRAG] There’s a reason that TV critics love RuPaul’s Drag Race. “Good God there is some good drag on display,” said A.V. Club about RuPaul’s Drag Race season eight. Entertainment Weekly called it “the most competitive season ever,” and The Guardian straight up called it “America’s best reality TV show.” That’s because the drag queens on this series are extremely talented. Not only are they singing and dancing machines but they’ve also got to be expert stylists and know how to do everything down to sewing up a dress.

Season eight of the show, which aired on the all-gay cable network Logo, ended on May 16 by crowning Bob the Drag Queen the winner, or as RuPaul would say, shanté you stay, the rest can sashay away. On Tuesday, July 12, Bob along with four of the top five runners up will come to Shea’s Performing Arts Center for what might be one of the biggest drag shows this city has ever seen. Touring queens include runners up Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls as well as fan favorites Thorgy Thor and Chi Chi Devayne, while season seven Miss Congeniality winner Katya will be on hand to host.

The Queens Live Across America is presented by Murray & Peter and tickets go on sale on Friday, May 20.  If you want to keep the evening going after, you can walk into the club #pursefirst at  the Come Through: Unofficial Season 8 Tour After Party featuring RPDR season 8 queen: Laila McQueen!


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

646 Main St.
Buffalo, NY