The So So Glos

[PUNK] Starting in 1991 as a dream between kindergarteners and formally born in 2007 under their current label, the So So Glos have cut their own sweeping path in the punk scene with personality-drenched and energetic tunes that do not hesitate to offer a satirical critique of society. With well received albums such as Tourism / Terrorism hitting high reviews, and co-founders of now-popular DIY venues The Market Hotel and Shea Stadium, they have matured from their garage beginnings. But one thing that hasn’t waned with age is their enthusiasm. While in the heat of their next album Kamikaze out May 29, the Brooklyn indie band brings wendless excitement to get your feet moving as they hit Buffalo’s Waiting Room on their North American Tour this Thursday, May 19.



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

334 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: 716-853-5483