Hit the Lights

[ROCK] Through the magic of electronic sounding rock and heavy guitar strumming, punk-rock band Hit the Lights strikes a vein with their albums sprinkled with a dash of honesty that bring back the nostalgic, yet feel-good days. The band from Lima, Ohio has endured since their first debut EP in 2003 Until We Get Caught, gaining a loyal fan base, releasing several albums, and refusing to get “caught” and held back even though the transition of lead vocalists from Colin Ross to Nick Thompson in 2008. Known, especially with last year’s release of Summer Bones, for tunes meant to be played in the heat of summer while racing down burning asphalt, and fresh off their newest and more acoustic-leaning EP release Just To Get Through to You, Hit the Lights comes to the Waiting Room with a timely performance on Wednesday, May 18.



We're sorry, this event has already taken place!

334 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: 716-853-5483