Rival Sons

[ROCK] The Rival Sons walk with a retro-rock swagger that’s funky fresh, and Jimmy Page approved. The California boys spent their early days playing festivals and gigs in Europe, establishing a reputation for an improv-heavy live show. They aimed to offer a similar, lively energy on their studio albums, and succeeded in spades. Their four-album catalog is raw, loud, and dripping black and white. Rock sounds hailing from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s are strewn together and modified by an indescribable modernity in the same vein as the wildest Jack White cut. “Open My Eyes” off their 2014 album, Great Western Valkyrie, is a perfect example. Opening with a Zeppelin-saluting kick-drum beat—nearly identical to John Bonham’s on “Kashmir”—the song quickly transforms, as a groovy beat, powerful vocals, and bold riffs are thrusted to the forefront. Check out their new music video for the infectious “Electric Man,” and catch the Rival Sons at the Town Ballroom on Friday, May 8 with support from Robert Jon & the Wreck



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Town Ballroom

681 Main St.
Buffalo, NY
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