Tim Meadows

[COMEDY] Tim Meadows is arguably one of the most underrated comics of his generation. One of Saturday Night Live’s’ longest running cast members, his capacity for improv is beyond remarkable. He flows naturally into each character he portrays, whether it’s the “Ladies Man,” OJ Simpson or Tiger Woods. His flair for eliciting laughter is rooted in his delivery. Lines that could be forgettable if recited by a lesser actor become cult-worthy when read by Tim Meadows, from “Mean Girls” (“I should cancel your Spring Fling…I’m not gonna’ do that because we already paid the DJ”)  to “The Goldbergs” (“I have a parrot I can’t get rid of. They live for 80 years. You have to put them in your will,”) Catch Tim Meadows at Helium Comedy Club on Thursday, May 5 through Saturday, May 7. 



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