A Night of Three Trios and One Duo

[JAZZ] There have been tens of hundreds of millions of evenings featuring combinations of talented musicians collaborating in sets of twos and threes. While A Night of Three Trios and One Duo appears to be just another such night of duo and trios, in reality the triage of trios assembled, along with the one duo are nothing if not entirely singular. Seasoned noise sharks and children alike will be tickled pink by the rippling creative energy flowing from this diverse lineup: Adams / Bucko / Cunningham (drums, sax, violin), HardHealth (samplers and turntables), Steve Baczkowski / Brian DeJesus / Ravi Padmanabha (saxophones, upright bass, drums), and Evan Courtin / Megan Kyle / Justin Von Strasburg (violin, oboe, snare drum). Apply a calming balm and hitchhike over to Sewing Souls Studios this Monday, April 23.


We're sorry, this event has already taken place!


Sewing Souls