[ROCK] Buckethead lands somewhere between myth and reality, fiction and truth. The virtuosic guitar, known for wearing a bucket on his head to hide his identity—at one point he switched to a plain white bucket from a KFC bucket, which begs the question of whether or not that was some kind of ingenious marketing cross over  or some kind of commentary on the eating habits of Americans—is a master at what he does. His music, of which there is tons, defies genre and convention, often moving from funk to progressive metal or bluegrass in a single turn of chord. He’s a prolific by any definition of the term, releasing around 50 albums since 2011 alone. In all, the 48-year-old guitarist, real name Brian Carroll, has released 274 albums. Many of the albums are part of his solo series of Pike albums, which most fans compartmentalize separately than his proper “studio” albums, the most recent of which is Bucketheadland 5-13 10 31, released in 2018. He’s not just a solo artist, as he’s done many collaborations as well, with bands and individuals from Guns n Roses to Viggo Mortensen. This one, which is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24 at Babeville’s Asbury Hall, is coming up quickly, and Buckethead has a history of selling out his Buffalo shows, so don’t sleep on grabbing tickets.



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Asbury Hall

341 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 852-3835